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"Society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilities
which belong to it."
Norbert Wiener lecturing at MIT

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Norbert Wiener | Cybernetics <1948>

Norbert Wiener defined "cybernetics" as the science of transmitting messages between man and machine, or from machine to machine. The term cybernetics has its roots in the Greek word for "steersman" or "governor," and Wiener's use of it suggests how people interact with machines through a controlling device, such as a steering mechanism. Wiener's remarkable insight, which is the premise behind all human-computer interactivity and interface design, is that human communication should be a model for human-machine and machine-to-machine interactions.

Wiener claims that the quality of man-machine communication influences man's inner well-being. His theory of cybernetics was meant to improve the quality of our existence in a technological society, where people are increasingly reliant on machines, and where interactions with machines are the norm. The design of machines, and their ability to respond effectively to us, has a direct impact on the social condition.