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"Liquid architecture is an architecture that breathes, pulses, leaps as one form and lands as another... it is an architecture without doors and hallways, where the next room is always where I need it to be and what I need it to be."

3D construction from series of Liquid Architectures

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Marcos Novak | Liquid Architecture <1991>

Marcos Novak describes himself as a "trans-architect," due to his work with computer-generated architectural designs, conceived specifically for the virtual domain, that do not exist in the physical world. His immersive, 3-dimensional creations are responsive to the viewer, transformable though user interaction. Exploring the potential of abstract and mathematically conceived forms, Novak has invented a set of conceptual tools for thinking about and constructing territories in cyberspace.

Novak introduces the concept of "liquid architecture," a fluid, imaginary landscape that only exists in the digital domain. Novak suggests a type of architecture cut loose from the expectations of logic, perspective, and the laws of gravity, one that does not conform to the rational constraints of Euclidean geometries. He views trans-architecture as an expression of the "4th dimension" that incorporates time alongside space among its primary elements. Novak's liquid architecture bends, rotates, and mutates in interaction with the person who inhabits it. In liquid architecture, "science and art, the worldly and the spiritual, the contingent and the permanent" converge in a poetics of space.