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"We explore the computer from inside, and mirror this on the net. When a viewer looks at our work, we are inside his computer...
'We love your computer'"

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Jodi | Beyond Interface <1995>

Jodi demonstrates that Net art has become the latest stage for artists to construct experimental forms and narratives, challenge convention, initiate dialogs, introduce new strategies, threaten old paradigms. The medium of interactive networked computing clearly captured the imagination of artists in the 1990s.

"We are honored to be in somebody's computer" boast the Jodi authors Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans (hence, Jodi), who have not only gone beyond the interface, they have abolished it., their magnum opus launched in 1995, contains pages flash and burn, scrolling and displaying uncontrollable computer code, fragmented shards of interface elements (menus, buttons, etc...), code stripped bare of its functionality, a once symbolic language now transformed into a surreal magic theater of the absurd.

Jodi forces us to question the representation of data, its translation, its mapping, its conventional application for visualizing and decoding the language of programming into metaphors and signs we can interpret and utilize. Ultimately, is Code stripped of all functionality, Code for its aesthetic value, Code as abrasive language, Code as hallucination, Code as theater.