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"We shall set in motion the words-in-freedom that smash the boundaries of literature as they march towards painting, music, noise-art, and throw a marvelous bridge between the word and the real object."




'Portrait of FT Marinetti' by FC Coletti  

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F.T. Marinetti | Futurist Cinema <1916>

The Italian poet F.T. Marinetti, chose the Parisian public as the target for his 1909 Futurist Manifesto of "incendiary violence," calling for an end to all art that refused to embrace the social transformation brought by technology in the new century. It was in cinema that Marinetti and his colleagues saw the potential for a form of expression that reflected the speed and energy of the times.

In the Futurist Cinema manifesto of 1916, they declared cinema could be the most dynamic of human expressions because of its ability to synthesize all of the traditional arts, unleashing a form that was totally new. The Futurist cinema would free words from the fixed pages of the book and "smash the boundaries of literature," while it would enable painting to "break out of the limits of the frame."