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"Without exception these magical spots occur far from the natural entrances of the grottos, deep within the dark, wandering chill corridors and vast chambers, so that before reaching them one has to experience the full force of the mystery of the cave itself. Their absolute, cosmic dark, their silence, their unmeasured inner reaches and their timeless remoteness... can be felt even today, when the light of the guide's light goes out."
– Joseph Campbell
The caves of Lascaux  

Cro Magnon Caves | Sensorial <15,000 B.C.>

In the beginning, even before Wagner, life was created and it was multi-sensory...

By 15,000 B.C. Cro Magnon had evolved with a brain capable of modern intelligence. With this new intelligence the first art was created deep in subterranean caves in the Dordogne region of Southern France, in caves such as Lascaux, where Cro Magnon marked the birth of the aesthetic with the representation of animal figures and coded shamanist scrawls.

He painted fantastic murals of reindeer, bison, and bulls in these resonant caverns that flickered with stone candles and smelled of the acrid aroma of animal fat where rituals were performed.

A magic theater of the senses...