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"The pillows could be balanced by adding or taking away paper clips as weights. Because of the heat gradient between the floor and the ceiling, the pillows could balance perfectly. Here Andy is balancing them."
Andy Warhol and his Silver Clouds

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Silver Clouds <1965>

In his 47th Street studio, Andy Warhol asked me one day if we could make him a floating light bulb. We made some calculations and discovered that it was not possible with existing battery technology. While working on the idea, my colleague at Bell Labs found a material called Scotchpak which was relatively impermeable to helium and could be heat sealed. The U.S. Army used it to vacuum pack sandwiches. I brought some of the material to Andy and then he decided to use it to make clouds. While we were experimenting with how to heat seal curves and balance the clouds so they wouldn't fall over, Andy took the material, folded it over, and made his own version of Silver Clouds.