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"Three million people saw the Pepsi Pavilion, and the average visitor spent 23 minutes there, longer, we discovered, than in any other pavilion. As a matter of fact, we once saw a Japanese family sitting on the astroturf peacefully having their lunch. "
Electronic "Baptism" in laser projections  

Pepsi-Pavilion <1970>

The Clam Room is where people first entered the pavilion. Lowell Cross designed the laser deflection system which used the four colors from a krypton laser. The highly sensitive mirrors in the system could vibrate up to rates of 500 cycles per second and were activated from the sound system in the mirror dome.

The number of technical breakthroughs in the Pavilion was quite astonishing -- almost every system we designed was new and untried. But even more significant, we had created a living responsive environment which each visitor could explore individually. This was completely different from the fixed pre-programmed environments of the other pavilions at Expo 70.

– Billy Klüver