"By looking at the world through the eyes of Tillie, the Telerobotic Doll, viewers not only become voyeurs, but they are effectively transformed into virtual "cyborgs".

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Tillie the Telerobotic Doll <1997>

Reliance on tracking and surveillance systems has resulted in a peripheral vision that extends beyond normal human physiology. In many cases, there is a merging of human and machine capabilities yielding what some call cyborgs, beings whose virtual reach and in this case, sight, extend beyond physical location.

Viewers literally use the doll's eyes as a vehicle for their own remote and extended vision. Each doll is constructed so that her eyes are replaced by cameras. These become the "Eye Cons" that move the doll physically and telerobotically. In Tillie's case, the left eye sees in color and records – in real time – exactly what she sees on a tiny monitor that she has next to her at all times. Her right eye is connected to the internet and sees in a 320x200 gray scale, refreshed at a rate of 60 seconds, to accomodate internet users with slow connections. Roberta, on the other hand, has only one cyborgian eye that performs both functions, which has the effect - particularly on close examination - of making her appear even more obviously mechanized.

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