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"An electronic "peep show," this work depends on viewers' eye movements, and is about eroticism and voyeurism.."
The interior of Room of One's Own.

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Room of One's Own <1993>

Room of One's Own forces the viewers eyes to become immersed into the actual space of a tiny articulated interactive electronic peep show. Rather than just touching a screen, Room of One's Own inserts the viewers' eyes into the space so they see themselves looking at the projected image of a woman who simultaneously tells them to look somewhere else. The stainless steel box placed at eye level with movable periscopic viewing device transforms the viewer into a voyeur and what is looked at determines what projected scene is played.

Within this room are several objects, similar in fact to those both in The Dante Hotel and Lorna's room. The very act of "looking" initiates the action. The eyes of the viewer become the interface. The protagonist (the same one in Deep Contact, but now a bit older) chides the viewer for his persistant gaze. This work is about the explosive effects attached to media representations of female identity and repositions the viewer/voyeur into the victim.