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"The Electroanic Diaries derive from feminist performances in the 1970's... the documentation and articulation of identity. Each video is produced privately, using no camera person or technicians."
Lynn Hershman's fragmentation in the Electronic Diaries.

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Electronic Diaries <1984>

First Person Plural, the Electronic Diaries, is a "video taped" confessional that records struggle, transformation, and transcendence as the protagonist's personal story unfolds before the camera. A three-part video series, the Electronic Diaries examines the effects of sexual and physical abuse through an autobiographical collection of personal narratives filmed beginning in 1984. The Diaries begin by examining an eating disorder and personal confusion of memory, which developed after my husband left unexpectedly, as links between an eating disorder and the sexual and physical abuse which plagued my childhood, and as doctors discover a tumor in my brain. The work includes interviews with friends who add their own personal experiences of pain and trauma, making connections between childhood trauma and historical events of violence, with special emphasis on Nazi Germany. The Diaries focus on the importance of both finding my voice and subsequently my self esteem.