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"Virtual Explorer is a science-fiction styled immersive adventure, in which the viewer pilots a microscopic "nanobot" ship through his or her own blood stream and lymph system. "
Image from the Virtual Explorer

Virtual Explorer <1998>

The Virtual Explorer uses state-of-the-art computer graphics to create a virtual reality environment, in which scales of length and time are displayed in ways that allow for easy visualization of difficult scientific concepts. After choosing which cellular character to play, the user performs functions such as cellular navigation, white blood cell recognition and molecular docking, all within a richly realtime rendered computer generated environment with four-channel spatialized sound. Virtual Explorer was developed in conjunction with the Senses Bureau, an undergraduate research group at the University of San Diego, and myself.

To date, the software has been installed at the Tech Museum in San Jose, Calif. and at the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn, Germany, which is the world's largest computer museum.