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" The VIEW system eventually provided a virtual auditory and stereoscopic image surround that is responsive to inputs from the operator's position, voice and gestures."
Later prototype of the VIEW system    

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VIEW (Virtual Interface Environment Workstation) <1988>

As a low-cost, multipurpose simulation device, this variable interface configuration allows an operator to virtually explore a 360-degree synthesized or remotely sensed environment and viscerally interact with its components. The Virtual Interface Environment Workstation system consists of: a wide-angle stereoscopic display unit, glove-like devices for multiple degree-of-freedom tactile input, connected speech recognition technology, gesture tracking devices, 3D auditory display and speech-synthesis technology, and computer graphic and video image generation equipment.

When combined with magnetic head and limb position tracking technology, the head-coupled display presents visual and auditory imagery that appears to completely surround the user in 3-dimensional space. The gloves provide interactive manipulation of virtual objects in virtual environments that are either synthesized with 3D computer-generated imagery, or that are remotely sensed by user-controlled, stereoscopic video camera configurations. The computer image system enables high performance realtime 3D graphics presentation that is generated at rates up to 30 frames per second as required updating image viewpoints in coordination with head and limb motion. Dual independent synchronized display channels are implemented to present disparate imagery to each eye of the viewer for true stereoscopic depth cues. For realtime video input of remote environments, two miniature CCD video cameras are used to provide stereoscopic imagery. Development and evaluation of several head-coupled, remote camera platform and gimbal prototypes was also carried out to determine optimal hardware and control configurations for remotely controlled camera systems