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"One application of the VIEW system was to interact with a simulated telerobotic task environment. "
NASA scientist wears an early system prototype

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VIEW (Virtual Interface Environment Workstation <1985>

In the Aerospace Human Factors Research Division of NASA's Ames Research Center, an interactive Virtual Interface Environment Workstation (VIEW) was developed as a new kind of media-based display and control environment that is closely matched to human sensory and cognitive capabilities.

The first VIEW system developed at NASA Ames [evolved from the VIVED (Virtual Interface Environment Display) system designed by former head scientist Michael McGreevy] was literally a motorcycle helmet with a visor attachment containing two small liquid crystal displays screens of 100-by-100-pixel resolution. Several interations of this first protype have resulted in a much lighter, less claustrophobic headset, with a long-term goal of designing a visor-like display package worn on the head.