straight up
"Stereoscopic imagery is one way to represent depth although what it captures is often not really like our everyday experiences of the spaces around us."
The Eye in Time installation  

The Eye in Time <1975>

Created while I was a Research Fellow at MIT's CAVS (Center for Advanced Visual Study), The Eye in Time is a title I had been using for many years for an ongoing set of works about the relationship between time and space and specifically comparing the concept of "depth" in time and in space.

The image of my installation was a comment on seeing in depth. The two images attached to the man's eyes are the left and right images from a stereo pair taken of a shiny pocket watch hanging over a mirror. If you look at the image in a stereo viewer, the depth of the mirror is very strong and the depth of the reflections in the watch appears to be some kind of an illusion rather than a solid object. In a sense, the whole image is about this idea of depth in time and also kind of a self-portrait.