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"The way I get feedback, the way I use both hands to coordinate, to tell the computer what command and what short literals I want are all carefully designed to go together to make the repertoire."
Chord keyset and mouse, for two-hand operation

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Mouse & Keyset <1966>

We could talk about the devices and the nature of the dialogue, what kind of feedback we get from the computer for each of the discrete character strokes and actions that the user goes through when he's making – when he's executing a command. So that system's really represented to a user by a repertoire of commands he has, by the function of each of those commands, and by the control dialogue he has for each of them.

So they go all together in making a design. And to do it well, you have to be very careful about the nature of the functions in that repertoire and the nature of the way they're controlled. We have developed a very special language for talking with extreme precision about these controls, both the command functions and the control dialogue for them.