straight up
"While your right hand's busy pointing, let your left hand be doing something, namely hitting these five chords if you want to. And that may sound strange, but that's the chording thing. Very simple kind of alphabetic translation that's hitting different chords. And I still use one of those on my machine all day long."
The chord keyset, used as an alternative to the keyboard for interactivity

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Chord Keyset <1963>

This device provides for you the one-hand equivalent of what you could do with a keyboard. There are five keys. And normally each finger sits on a key and, depressing any one key at a time, produces a character, and any two keys at a time also. And, in fact, any combination of depressing, of which there are combinations, it will offer you a character.

And the thing it does is, while you're moving the cursor to point to some object, by the time you click on it, you've usually told it what you want to do. And it makes it very much different from going and selecting it and then, in some contortion, telling it what you want to do.

In fact, there's enough time not only to say what you want to do it to, but what class of object. I want it to delete that word. I want to delete that whole paragraph. I want to delete that whole branch. I want to copy that whole branch. So those are all set by the time you get there. So it's as much faster and more flexible as a bicycle is from a tricycle.